Long Term Insurance


Long Term

It's about making sure your dependants can afford the life you have planned for them even when you are no longer around. Your dependants have their financial needs covered from groceries, school fees to home loans. A product that offers you excellent value for money with disability, impairment and critical illness benefits.

An insurance product that is specifically designed to cover the cost of your debt if you aren't able to pay it back due to disability, retrenchment or death. Credit life insurance may be a prerequisite depending on the credit provider and loan taken, however you have the option to obtain your own cover and are not obliged to get it at the same place you obtained the loan.

Funeral cover is a product that you pay a monthly premium towards and pays out a single lump sum when you or a family member, who is covered on the policy, dies. The amount paid can be used towards expenses like a coffin, tombstone and catering to give you or your loved ones a dignified burial.

Medical Insurance is a more affordable alternative to Medical Aid. The focus is predominately on out of hospital primary care expenses such as day to day doctor consultations, prescribed medication, dentistry and optometrist cover. The benefits are subject to strict network provider rules and can include emergency hospitalisation or illness.

A lot can happen in 10 years so make sure it's something worthwhile. By investing your money and growing your returns so that you get more than you put in, whether it's saving for your children's education or saving towards a goal. You can withdraw from your savings after 5 years but the real return is realized at the end of your 10-year term.

A retirement plan is designed to take care of your post-retirement days and help you lead a stress-free life. Retirement plans help you grow your money and provide a regular income for life based on your current earnings and taking inflation into consideration. It allows you to live the same lifestyle at retirement and gives you peace of mind. There are also tax benefits with retirement saving.

Income protection plans provides income to both individuals earning a salary as well as those who are self-employed. It pays you a regular income if you can't work due to sickness or disability and continues until you return to work or you retire. It gives you peace of mind that your monthly bills will be paid if you cannot work temporarily.


Short Term

Insurance for home contents, buildings, vehicles, portable assets and Personal liability. We believe that all clients are equally valued; we therefore insure personal assets on a package that best suit your needs. Tailor made insurance solutions for a diverse South Africa.

Insurance solutions for your business, be it a big corporate business or a small nail salon from your house. Every professional needs reliable insurance… you can therefor trust us to cover your business assets with any one of our various trusted insurers.

Sectional Title and home owner's association insurance made easy. We have some of the best Sectional Title insurers and products in our corner. So call us today for competitive premiums.

Affordable insurance products for all BB's, lodges and guesthouses in sunny South Africa.

We will take care of your farming insurance needs while you focus on feeding our nation.

Your trucks are hardworking and valuable assets. Let us take care of them by giving them the insurance cover that they deserve.

We offer specialized pleasure craft insurance for all our clients that enjoys some Vitamin D whilst stretching the legs of their water crafts.

We cover plant items (yellow machines) as well as contract works.

We can assist clients with quarantees for fuel, stock and construction works.

We can assist with insurance cover for high excesses because we know that times are tough and you can't always afford high excesses.

Our roads are not always in good shape and regularly replacing tires can become a very costly situation. Contact us for an obligation free quote today.

Short Term Insurance

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